Sydney Aquarium in Australia

Sydney Aquarium in Australia

Whether you are a tourist to Sydney or a local Sydneysider, Sydney Aquarium provides a great fun day out for families and friends right in the heart of Sydney. Just a short stroll from the Sydney CBD will get you into Sydney Aquarium and away from it all, as you explore the wonders of Australian aquatic life.

Sydney Aquarium is located in Darling Harbour, overlooking the spectacular waters of Sydney Harbour. Darling Harbour is a great place for a day trip in Sydney, with sight-seeing tours and tourist activities within minutes of Sydney Aquarium.

Nowhere else will you find a larger collection of Australian aquatic life with over 12,000 animals including huge sharks and rays, platypus, fairy penguins, crocodiles and much more! Take a journey through one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world and explore Australia's rich and diverse waterways, marine ecosystems and unique aquatic environments - located right in the heart of Sydney!

No day trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to Sydney Aquarium.

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9:00 am to 10:00 pm; Open Daily
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Dangerous Creatures
Look for the skull and cross bones danger icon throughout the Aquarium - it identifies the most dangerous creatures living in Australia waters.

These creatures include: Sharks, Stonefish, Blue-Ringed Octopus, Saltwater Crocodile, Platypus, Cone Shells, Fortescue, Red Rockcod, Sea Urchin, Moray Eel, Old Wife Fish, Lionfish, Pufferfish, Surgeonfish, Rabbitfish and the Stingray.

Southern Rivers - Meet the enigmatic platypus called Zoe, who is the icon for the southern freshwater river displays in Sydney Aquarium. In addition to the platypus, murray cod and several other species of Murray Darling fish are on display. Sydney Aquarium has freshwater crayfish, semi aquatic lizards, turtles and birds from this region.

Northern Rivers - Meet Chomp the crocodile, who is the icon for the northern rivers area of the aquarium and is your guide through this region. Other creatures on display are barramundi, a large fish highly prized for both food and sport, and Australia's largest predator, the saltwater or Indopacific crocodile, which is also the largest reptile in the world.

Southern Oceans - Here you will meet Flip the Penguin. Flip likes to be seen decked out in sunglasses and a colourful Hawaiian shirt. Some of the animals of this region include the odd but elegant weedy sea dragon and the alien looking giant cuttlefish, the largest species of cuttlefish in the world and one of the more intelligent animals on display at the aquarium.

Great Barrier Reef - Introducing Angel the Angelfish, who is the aquarium's guide through the Great Barrier Reef display and also Splash the naive water droplet's girlfriend. Here you'll see clown anemone fish dart amongst the waving tentacles of an anemone, sea stars and sea cucumbers silently creeping amongst the coral, wildly coloured triggerfish and vibrantly coloured tangs and angelfish zipping around then suddenly stopping in their tracks to be attended to by a tiny cleaner wrasse, deceptively beautiful lionfish hovering menacingly over coral formations in search of their next meal, brilliantly patterned lobsters waving their long antennae about, sleek tropical sharks and giant shark rays seeming to move in time with the music and an enormous, bright blue, comical looking humpheaded wrasse stopping to check out aquarium visitors with his ever watchful eye.

Rates do not include hotel pickup. Rates are in US dollars. Please reserve online or call us toll-free at ^tollfree^.

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